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As a Jew, I would have been ‘exposed’ & ‘dealt with’ by Nazi Germany – April 6, 2018

To The Daily Sun,

The April 5 letter from Ryan Murdough may be the saddest letter to the editor I have ever read. His hate speech is totally contrary to my values and to the values of everyone I know. I am confident that his views are also inconsistent with the values of our community and our state. To read his views on race, advocating segregation, one day after the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination, is a sickening nightmare.

As a Jew I would have been one of the people from whom “Hitler wanted to preserve German identity” and I would have been “exposed” and “dealt with” by Nazi Germany.

To know that people like Mr. Murdough have a “15+1” (presumably some type of lethal weapon) “ready at all times” should keep sane people awake at night.

Ruth Larson


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